Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have become aware that the most important message which I have been given to declare,
is not being perceived by the great majority of readers.
I am hoping to get more clarity through, by means of an illustration.

Please imagine, that a child needs to be picked up from school by someone they have never seen before.

The parent leaves a note for the child, which says:
You can trust and go with the woman who is wearing a purple and pink top, white pants, with her hair in a long braid. Although she will be delayed beyond your dismissal, she WILL arrive at exactly 3 p.m.

But there is a kidnapper who also reads that note. This evil murderer knows that he can not prevent the woman from going to get the child at 3 p.m. He can not prevent that woman from having all the signs the child is looking for. He can not wear the woman's clothing, but he can wear clothing with the same description.

He wonders how can he possess the child instead.
He realizes that he must get there before the woman. He decides he will go to get the child at 2:45. He knows that he must look like a woman, and wear a purple and pink top and white pants...but he is unable to find a wig which has a long braid.

If the child is not vigilant, she may leave with the evil one. If fooled, she may not wait until 3 p.m., or take note that the braid is missing.


The Child is the Chosen Remnant.
The note from the parent, are the end-time prophetic scriptures from our Heavenly Father (Matt.24:3; Rev.5:1-2,6-7; 1:1 -- conveyed/"signified it"--Greek: "he showed by signs").
The trustworthy woman, is the truthful interpretation and timing of end-time spiritual events (Rev.12:6,14; 19:9; Matt.24:28; 25:10)
The child is released (dismissed), as when the Chosen are awaiting, expecting and searching for the fulfilled signs (Mark13:35) (Matt.25:6-7).
The woman's clothes and braided hair are the signs Jesus has given (Links: Matt.24; Luke 21; Mark 13; Rev.1:1),
to warn the last remnant of his brothers of dangers and solutions (Rev.3:11,22).
"3 p.m." is the circumstantial  timing of the real arrival of the signs of the impending Kingdom (Matt.24:32,33,6,8, 34,36,42,44,50; Mark13:7), not an exact literal time.

The kidnapper is Satan (1Pet.5:8; Rev.12:4,13,15,17).
He also knows all the prophetic details (Matt.4:6).
Satan knows he can not prevent the prophetic spiritual signs and events which Jesus foretold for the end, from coming to pass (Rev.12:4-5,12-13).
Satan realizes that the only way to prevent the remnant from grasping hold of the life-saving warnings, is to stage  a counterfeit earlier fulfillment within the physical realm, over which he has power and authority (Rev.12:15,9; 13:9,10,11,14; Matt.24:4,5,23,48;  2Thess. 2:2) ...both religious and secular. He has the power to do so (1John 5:19; Matt.4:8-9; James 3:15; Rev.2:24). Satan hopes that the remnant who are searching for the truthful interpretations of unfolding end-time events,
will be detoured, by Satan's own premature counterfeit "fulfillment" (2Cor. 11:3,20; Rev.2:20; Col.2:8; Luke 21:24; Rev.13:10; Dan.8:12;  2Thess. 2:2,3,11; 2:1-2; Dan.7:25; Matt.7:15; 24:4,8,11,13,24; Rev.13:11).

Satan can not change nor fulfill the true spiritual signs Jesus gave. But he can fabricate a decoy within his own physical, visible realm, which is under his power (Rev.2:9; Eph.6:12; John 12:31).
He must do this before the True signs arrive.
Yet, he can not fabricate a counterfeit for every single true prophetic spiritual detail that Jesus gave.

Will the chosen notice these discrepancies? Will they prove attentive enough to prove wise, faithful, awake, sober, and discreet?

Sadly, Satan for a time, has fooled all of us (Rev.12:9; 8:10-11,12-13; 9:1-2,5,14; 13:7-8; Dan.7:25;  1Tim. 4:1;  2Thess. 2:4,8).

We all assumed that the prophecies would have a visible fulfillment in Satan's world. But the scriptures advise, not to walk by sight (John 3:12;  1Cor. 2:12,14;  2Cor. 5:7; Luke 17:20; Luke 12:54-56).
Yet now is the time to realize that our minds have been baited...corrupted away, deceived, and kidnapped into captivity by Satan's visible, physical diversions (Isa.5:13;  2Cor. 11:3; Matt.24:24,25; Luke 21:24; Rev.13:10,16,7; 16:13,14,15; Dan.11:33).

Many have surrendered their thinking ability and perceptive powers (Heb.5:14;  1Tim. 1:19; 3:9), to be in captivity to an Organisation of men (Jer.10:23; Rev.13:16-17,7,10; Col.2:8), or are riveted by Current events in Satan's world...seeking the truthful interpretation of prophecy, there.

For those whose attention has been arrested by Satan's decoy, Satan will continue to fabricate an unfolding counterfeit fulfillment.

We must break free (Ezek.39:25-27,28-29; Isa.52:1-2; 42:7; Luke 4:18; Rev.9:14; 16:12;  2Cor. 4:6; John 14:30 b), and seek out our safe and true escort...the truthful spiritual fulfillment of Jesus' prophetic warnings, which are the only safe route home to our reward (John 14:6; 17:17; Rom.3:4;  1John 2:20,27,28; Rev.22:6,16).

For more information about Satan's staged, counterfeit fulfillment of Jesus end-time warnings to his remnant Chosen brothers, go to the following links;

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These articles will reveal the details of prophetic spiritual Truth, which Jesus safeguarded for us by recording it in the scriptures (Matt.24:4,25; Rev.1:1).
May as many Chosen as possible, compare and discern the difference,
between the powerful delusional errors which have enveloped them,
and the scriptural details of spiritual Truth, contained within the life-saving end-time prophecies (Rev.1:3; 22:7).
The Greek word in those two verses, translated "observe", is the same word at Matt.28:20; John 8:51; and Mark 7:9. It means to understand and obey, the truths which will save those who recognize the warnings within Revelation's symbolism.
Yes, "observance" is needed to endure to the end.
Revelation's scroll is not about a world that the Chosen Ones are not a part of.
It is about the circumstances that they themselves are immersed within,
and tests that they themselves are undergoing.
Happy are those who recognize this truth, and act accordingly.